Bacon Jam Bruschetta

I love bacon jam and bruschetta and in the same order. Remember I made a batch of bacon sausage jam- I had plans to use it in a bruschetta recipe right then. And I also knew bacon jam would not last in my kitchen until I spice it up and it turned out more spicy than I expected thanks to the bhut jhalokia flakes I added. But this bacon jam bruschetta is the best no-fuss breakfast I have had in a long time. Breakfast preparations are always stressful with Sarah pulling out half my stuff and insisting to cook with me. But today I had it all in control. I gave her a slice of my baguette and some cucumbers and olives and she started to prepare her version of a bruschetta imitating me. The plan to make these came to me last evening so all I did was grab a baguette. I knew I wanted a bacon jam bruschetta but I did not know what else would go with it. I had plans for cream cheese but I was too lazy to make it or buy a pack. So finally after rummaging my refrigerator, I got a cucumber , tomatoes, cheese and olives and I am so glad they are part of this bruschetta. I love bruschettas because they allow me to use up every vegetable possible and they look so cute and adorable no matter what the topping are- don’t you agree.

bacon-jam-bruschetta-9 I have this fond memory from my stay in Italy (oh yes here I go again). I was there for 3 months doing a project in Padova that’s close to Venice by the way. I had a colleague from Verona who invited me for lunch to teach me authentic Italian dishes. It is she who taoght me to make a bruschetta the first time. ‘ You love bread she asked me’? ” Yes, I said expecting some bread with the soup. She got me a baguette and while I was searching for a knife in her cluttered kitchen, she broke the bread with her hands into small bits and gave me some basil, tomatoes, cheese and olives. She didn’t talk much while in the act of preparing me to create my own bruschetta, she led and I followed. She topped each piece of bread with some chopped tomatoes, basil, cheese and olives and told me bruh-sk-etta mamma mia! I fell in love with Italian food and the way the Italians ate kissing their fingers :) Every time I see beautifully topped bruschettas in restaurants I think of my friend ‘Maria’ who tore her bread with her hands and topped it with her favourite toppings. I am so much in love with Italy, it happens to be the only place in the world I wish to settle if I could ever :). Hubby dear mocks me as a pseudo Italian and tells me its my second home. That reminds me I should do few Italian stuff out here. But for now let us stick to some bruschetta. This recipe is very easy, the first part is to make a bacon jam which has already been shared in the link above, the next part is just assembling the bruschetta and that’s what you will find below.

If you like Italian recipe please try the bruschetta

or the prawn pasta

And if you are a vegetarian you ought to try pasta marinara

and this pizza doughballs


And for dessert a panacotta




Ingredients for Bacon Jam Bruschetta

Baguette- 1

Bacon jam- 100 g

Cheddar/Mozarella cheese grated or slices- 8o g

Melted butter- 4 tbsp

Cucumber- 1

Tomato- 1

Olives- 2 tbsp


Slice the baguettes diagonally into 2 inch wide pieces ( I got 12 slices from mine). Brush some butter one each baguette slice and top them first with a slice of tomato each. Now spoon some bacon jam on each slice. Top the baguette slices with some cheese and grill them at 180 degrees for 4 minutes. After you take the bruschettas out from the grill, add the cucumber slices and olives. Serve immediately.

Note: I did not have any greens like mint or basil, adding a basil will make the bruschettas taste and look better.


Stay tuned for the toddler posts, we did some fish croquettes, filo parcels, cookies, fried ice cream and home made choco chip ice cream just waiting to edit the images but I promise to be back soon with all of them. Till then stay blessed, eat healthy.


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