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Ooonuready was born in 2010, when I was at the peak of my research. But unlike other blogs where people chronicle family recipes or just blog because a friend or family member told them to, or even because one was on a break and looked for an outlet to channelize oneself, I started Ooonuready to engage in something cathartic to overcome the stress in my PhD. Ooonuready was my last resort to hold onto sanity. To create a world where I would be among food and cooking, which I was anyways from the age of 10. So I began looking forward to my weekends in Bangalore. I got ingredients from Chennai at times, forced my hubby to eat every meal at home so that I could cook, photograph and write about it. I was addicted to Ooonuready and the catharsis continues.





My hubby has been very supportive in this journey, but the job is not without perks – well he gets to taste so many new things. He does not photograph/edit/cook for the blog but he did give it the name – ooonuready and supported me unconditionally. When my stipend ended he became this blog’s investor and in return I added 5 pounds to him and also gifted him a budding paunch. He even went ahead and got me a DSLR. Our blog took a marvelous leap ever since the EOS 700D. Sometimes I think, more than the experience of cooking, I get a high in clicking the pics. The blog has taught me a lot; it lets me bring the stories of my past to connect it with the present and I think I’ll be able to share it with you all, in this journey called – Ooonuready.






The blog also gets a sprinkle of unending energy from my bro-in-law, who is often my sounding board and otherwise the technical advisor. I look towards his advice for anything technical or something groundbreaking. Compared to my hubby who is much grounded and a rule maniac, and myself who has newly taken wings, my bro-in-law is the one who gives me the bird’s eye view.






P.S: The term ‘Ooonuready’ is an indicator to let the world know that you are ready to welcomethem. To give others the opportunity to enter into your world and become mesmerized by the tastes that you have to offer, to let them get delighted by a stomach’s full and when they depart they leave with a hope to see it again tomorrow, the words – Ooonuready.




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