Mango Lassi Popsicles

Mango indeed is the king of fruits. I was asked to refrain from mangoes last year because I am breast feeding and mangoes are believed to generate a lot of heat and that’s not good for babies it seems ( especially colicky babies) . It’s amazing how our lives change forever with the arrival of kids. I hate the part where it interferes with my diet but I cannot bear to see my little one cry with tummy ache and contrary to what many friends told me, I see a direct correlation between my babies colic and my diet pattern so I was off tangy, citrus, spicy stuff for the kiddo. So mangoes were definitely off the list last year, so this year I decided to celebrate the mango season. The season has just begun and the mangoes are quite expensive at the moment. I have decided to welcome the season with a Mango Lassi popsicle an interesting twist to the traditional yogurt drink- Lassi. I guess we Indians have a penchant for yogurt and though people go gaga over fruit yogurt these days we had shrikhand and Mishti doi all the while here in India. And who can resist the Lassi in Summer. We have updated ourselves with changing times. I see a lot of flavors in lassi these days and Mango being the national fruit, it does not surprise me to see Mango Lassi being served everywhere. So here’s my Mango lassi popsicle to beat the heat.There’s a lot of mango- tango coming up soon, I have jam, cake, wine and panacotta on my mind, don’t know if I can try them before the end of the season.

Ingredients for Mango Lassi Popsicles

Mango- 500 gm (I used Bagnapally)
Condensed milk- 200 ml
Yogurt- 250 ml
Cardamoms- 2 ( powdered)


Peel the Mango and chop them into medium sized pieces.Blend all the ingredients in a food processor and chill in popsicle mould for 6-8 hours and that’s it. Enjoy !!!! This must be the easiest directions I have ever written :) And that’s exactly the point to make an easy popsicle and chill out on a weekend. I am sure kids will love this, I am waiting for my little one to turn one and then I can introduce her to sweets and popsicles.

Note: I added a little milk and blended the mangoes before adding the yogurt and condensed milk.

So, what are you gonna make with mangoes this year? Write to me… And wait for my next post on pickled gherkins, you will definitely love making your own pickled gherkins.

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