No Oil Grated Mango Pickle

How to make oil free mango pickle

Pickles and oil are inseparable to us Indians. Unlike in the West where salted goodies are classified as pickles, In India the veggies in brine are not pickles, we Keralites call it ‘Upilitathu’- which means ‘in brine solution’. Our pickles are meant to bombard our taste buds with surprising flavours, heat and oil. We often use oil as a preservative because our pickles last a year. Sadly, this does not go well with the health freaks today. We are now contemplating using olive oil in pickles but we cannot think of avoiding oil in pickles. Pickling also is quite an elaborate process for us Indians. And this turns off many of us from making pickles. I love pickles and pickling is a hobby I take up to destress myself. But these days I look for instant pickles rather pickles that take time to mature. The mango season has just begun so I thought of trying this oil free mango pickle. It does have 1 tsp oil for the sauteing but that’s all. You don’t need to baptise this pickle in oil :) The best part about this mango pickle is also that it can be consumed the next day.So indulge in some guilt free mango pickle this summer :)

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How to make oil free mango pickle

I hope to do different variations of Mango pickle this season. But I am now more keen on the oil free version of pickles. I guess we should preserved the art of pickling which is dying out slowly with our mothers and grandmothers who have given up pickling. When was the last time you tried your hands at pickling? And how did it go? Write to me.I have always been a mango addict, pickle or juice I never bothered as long as it was mangoes. I should share my galore of mango recipes slowly till then stay tuned!

How to make oil free mango pickle

And if any one out there wants to try this pickle out you have an open invitation drop in any time :)

P.S Lakshmi do try this out you would be amazed at its ease and this will be handy for you.

How to make oil free mango pickle

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