Kalakand Under 30 Minutes

The first time I made a sweet for diwali was when I was 14. I was scared to ask mom if I could make jelabis, I thought she would disapprove saying we are christians and why should we make sweets for diwali. But to my surprise mom let me make jelabis and a green colour peda. It was my first attempt and when the pedas turned out well I did not have any colour except green so I made dark green pedas that year :) I wish I had the time and energy I had then at 14 to experiment with new stuff. With a 6 month old screaming at me, making jelabis seems like a distant dream and not to forget the amount of oil and ghee that would be needed for the jelabis so this time I thought I would do something simple and easy but I would definitely post something here before diwali. And I have done it :)
For those who love home made sweets and have no time for making elaborate sweet meats here’s an easy sweet for diwali season. All you need is 15 minutes so go on and try this easy kalakand this diwali.So for all those moms with toddlers, lazy cooks looking out for shortcuts, working women, and beginners in kitchen try this recipe and you wont feel disheartened. Lakshmi, Parvathi you guys should try this and lemme know your review.

Ingredients for Kalakand ( recipe courtesy: Rak’s kitchen)

Paneer- 250 gm
Condensed milk- 250 ml
Milk powder- 3 tbsp
Saffron stands- 2-4 ( optional)
Cardamom powder- 1 tsp
Ghee- 1 tsp
Almond/Pistachios- 4-8 or finely chopped 2 tbsp
Raisins- few ( optional)


Line a small square tiffin box with ghee and parchment paper. The smaller the box thicker the kalakand will be.

Pulse the chopped paneer in a mixer/processor. Add the the condensed milk, saffron stands mixed with 1 tsp milk blend well and heat it in a non stick pan on low flame till the mixture starts bubbling and leaves the sides of the pan.

Add the milk powder, cardamom powder and stir once before taking the kalakand off the flame. Pour the mixture into the box lined with parchment paper and let it set for 5- 10 minutes.

Now with a knife cut the kalakand into square and sprinkle the nuts and raisins. Let it set for another 10 minutes after this. Refrigerate now and serve after 30 minutes.

Note: If the paneer is sour add more condensed milk or powdered sugar. You can add rose essence too. Store the Kalakand in the refrigerator as it can get spoilt if left out for a long time.

Happy Diwali friends. Hope million of light illuminate your homes and lives.

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