Tandoori Chicken Bagels

How to make tandoori chicken bagels
There’s something between me and leftovers that’s magical ;) I never go wrong with leftovers and sometimes the serendipity of finding out you invented something edible and yummy by tossing around the stuff on your pantry is soooo satisfying. And when something like this happens I have to edit the pics then and there neglecting the rights of so many pics sleeping in my folder. It so happened that we landed at the wrong mall and since we could not shop we went to pick up groceries and I got hold of these bagels. While I was musing over how I could transform these bagels into an attractive post my hubby got some tandoori chicken and I remembered the tandoori chicken sandwich of Cafe coffee day so I reserved one piece. Now I had no lettuce, nothing else worth to pass as delectable stuffing. So I took out a tomato and grabbed few cabbage leaves before it ended up as a cabbage thoran for lunch. That’s when I saw half an apple ( the remanants of my daughter’s apple puree) that was definitely gonna rot so I diced them too. I got my mayo and some cheese and put them all together. And that’s how ending up in a wrong mall made my day :)
How to make tandoori chicken bagels

Ingredients for Tandoori Chicken Bagels

Tandoori chicken- 150 gm ( shredded)
Bagels- 2
Apple peeled and slice- half an apple
Tomato- 1
Cabbage leaves ( or lettuce) – 4
Mayonnaise- 3 tbsp
Cheese grated- 3 tbsp
Pepper- 1 tsp
Salt- to taste


How to make tandoori chicken bagels



Shred the tandoori chicken and set aside. Slice the bagel into half and toast them. Smear some mayo and lay the cabbage leaf first followed by chicken pieces, chopped tomatoes and apple.

How to make tandoori chicken bagels

Sprinkle salt and pepper and grated cheese and finish off with the other half of the bagel. Grill the bagel for a minute or two for the cheese to melt. I hope to make my own bagels next time and patties too, I hope I stay motivated, Its getting hectic here with my daughter’s baptism and our housewarming coming up in November, but I am gonna cook to soothe my nerves so stay tuned for more updates :) And do comment on the recipes you have tried out, I know you are trying them out :)

I hope you all know that we have migrated from blogspot. Since some of you are loyal followers, this transition could be hard on you as well. We will migrate all our old recipes here and I am also trying to shoot some of them exclusively again with the new camera. So meanwhile if you have a query or want to refer the old recipes you will still find them at blogspot. And do write to us in the comment section or query section. Till we meet again stay blessed.
How to make tandoori chicken bagels

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