Chamomile Tea- Toddler Meal Challenge Day 42


When you become a mother you get acquainted to this particular cry of your baby the doctor’s define ‘colic’. We adults call it ‘ flatulence, gastritis, tummy ache. Whatever be the name, seeing your kid writhe in pain is unbearable. We avoid cruciferous veggies(cauliflower,cabbage,potatoes, certain pulses) while breast feeding. We even avoid it when they start solids and yet the colic recurs maybe because we experimented with new foods, or just because kids have a tendency to develop coli


Sarah has colic pain at times and I was happy with colic aid and gripe water but that’s also when I saw chamomile at Lumiere Organic store next to my home. I was so fascinated with these dry daisy like flowers. I had read many a times about its influence on soothing one’s nerves and curing gastrointestinal issues.



I am also told that the chamomile tea has a carminative effect. It helps babies sleep peacefully. With my hubby’s frequent tummy aches, I decided to give chamomile a try. Literature evidences that chamomile tea has been administered to babies for centuries and it has been proven helpful. I don’t intend to do this daily but I just tried it today and I am happy that Sarah had it without any fuss. Now I don’t know if it was a pleasant day for her in general or if the chamomile worked but she was calm. My interest in chamomile was to see if it calms the hyper spirit she is because it is known for its relaxing effect. One day is too much to conclude on the effects of chamomile but I had a bad head ache today and I just had some chamomile tea 2 hours ago and I sort of feel nice. I am planning to try few herbal home remedies for toddlers as a part of this series and I am starting with this Chamomile tea. So stay tuned for more DIY toddler home remedies.

Ingredients for Chamomile Tea

Chamomile- 2 tsp

Hot water- 2 cups

Honey- 2 tsp

Lemon- 1/2 wedge


Boil water and add 2 tsp chamomile to the water. Let the water stand for 15 minutes and let the chamomile infuse flavours. Strain the water and add honey and lemon after 15 minutes and have your chamomile tea immediately. For kids use 4-5 tsp only.

Note: Yes its called tea but it has no tea leaves. Please check if your baby has allergies to weeds like ragweed. Babies who have history of allergies or below 6 months should not be given chamomile tea.


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