Buttermilk Biscuits- Toddler Meal Challenge Day 38


Baked biscuits is the easiest thing one could do especially when under stress. I woke up with an aching back because I did a little loading and unloading work for the trucks carrying stuff for flood relief. I was so tired the day before, I could not cook anything for Sarah.We usually save some leftovers that can be her breakfast. My hubby was not well and I had promised a friend we would bake some goodies on Saturday together. So I had some all purpose flour and butter in stock so I decided to bake. Yep, I thought baking was easy it always is. You don’t need to think of a side dish, a chutney, you just bake one thing and you are done. This recipe has already been featured on the blog once, so I did not bother shooting again. Sarah loves buttermilk biscuits maybe because they are so buttery and crumbly. I felt bad for my friend who dropped in, I had nothing special to offer her but we made up for it by baking some goodies. And as for Sarah, she got busy with her cooking as well.


She decided to use a tongue cleaner for a whisk. And I am sure she did whip up a meringue with it :)

Ingredients for Buttermilk Biscuits ( Recipe Couretsy:thekitchn.com)

Flour- 4 cups

Baking soda- 1 tsp

Baking powder- 2 tbsp

Salt- 1 tsp

Butter- 170 g

Buttermilk- 1 1/2 cup


Start by preparing your own buttermilk. For this take 1 1/2 cup milk and add 1 tsp white vinegar or lemon juice. Let it stand for 10 minutes and you will notice the milk curdling. In a bowl add the flours, salt, baking soda and baking powder. Cut the butter into cubes. Ensure that your butter is chilled if it has softened cut into cubes and freeze for 10 minutes before you start. Add the butter to the flour and start kneading it using a pastry cutter or your fingers. You could use your food processor for preparing this dough but I used my hands. Add some herbs if you like them, I did not. Now add the butter milk (leave 2 tsp buttermilk in the cup) slowly and bring the dough together. Knead into a smooth dough and then transfer the dough onto your work station. Sprinkle some flour and roll the dough.


Cut them into squares or round shapes using cutters.Preheat the oven at 210 degrees. Grease the baking tin and transfer the biscuits. Brush the top of the biscuits with leftover buttermilk. Bake for 10-16 minutes till the top of the biscuits brown. Serve with butter, jam, relishes or a casserole.


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