Ghee Parantha- Toddler Meal Challenge Day 73

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The only parantha we knew as kids was this ghee parantha made by folding the normal roti with some ghee smeared within into triangular shaped rotis. If we ever asked for Malabar lacha paranthas mom would scream at us and instruct us on the harmful effects of maida and how it absorbed all the water content in our body and became lumps in our tummy that would not digest ever. Mom would give us long lectures on the benefit of whole wheat paranthas and how healthy they were. She wanted us to have her ghee paranthas which after a point became oil paranthas because we turned out to be quite chubby than expected. So paranthas in my home meant these normal paranthas. Now accidentally, I remembered this style of making paranthas while making rotis for Sarah recently and tried it for her. She loves rotis over rice, just like her dad. But these paranthas were super soft and full of ghee so Sarah took to them instantly. And since my beauty queen is underweight as it is, few dollops of ghee should do good for her. Now the tough part is to avoid eating from her plate and little miss sunshine insists on feeding her tired mom!


The summers have started ticking me off. I can’t explain how many times I had to compose this post with the power shortage in my apartment and I regret not fixing the UPS. I also need to use every appliances at home wisely because I have blown the fuse many a times already. Sarah is getting on my nerves too. She has decided to move her crockery with our kitchenware. So this is how our kitchen cabinets look these days.




So we mother daughter had this wonderful conversation because I thought I should hear her out.

Me: Sarah you are not supposed to put your toys with my stuff.
Sarah: Aaah (continues putting her toy spoons and cups and stuff in each of the kitchen cabinets)
Me: Sarah ithu avide (this shud be there)
Sarah: Ammma, gigagyi gigayi, aaghi aaghi, train, ammaaaaaa!
(continues putting her stuff and sorting my cabinets)
I guess she meant, I am moving in my stuff and you better learn to live with it.

And I guess I am getting to understand Taureans much better. But the paranthas worked well with her and she also ate some fish fry and I am happy to let her mover her stuff into my space as long as she eats :)

Ingredients for Ghee Parantha

Whole wheat flour- 1 cup

Water- as required for kneading

Salt- a pinch

Ghee- 2 tsp


Knead the parantha dough by mixing water, flour and salt. Add water slowly and knead into pliable dough. To make ghee paranthas make small balls from the dough. Make flat discs out of them and apply some ghee on the rolled out dough. Now fold the disc into half, now they will look like moon shaped disc. Fold this again into half and it will look like a traingle. Now roll the triangle with some flour sprinkled over. Heat a girdle and cook this parantha with some ghee till there are red spots on both sides. The parantha might also puff up a bit. Serve with some ghee, butter, jam or just as it is.

Note: You can also do a version with oil, we don’t call it ghee parantha. It’s called oil parantha but its usually served for adults.

Two dear friends of mine Sapna and Neha run this wonderful site called SecretIndianRecipes and I do write for them occasionally. They are currently running a contest called the Festivals Galore Recipe contest with Holi as the theme. Please contribute and win attractive prizes, here’s the link

And I will be back tomorrow with a new recipe. Till then stay blessed, eat healthy.

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