Toddler Meal Challenge Recap Day 1- 15

I know, some of you think I am crazy to go on with this challenge. But its sums up me- the mother of to-do lists. I love listing stuff and I love challenges and I have realized quite late in life that the real competition is not outside you, not with someone out there, but it is within you, with you. So each day to me is a challenge to be a better person, a better mother, who does not indulge in her kid, who does not give in to her tantrums, who makes sincere efforts to understand and spend time with her kid. I know I fail terribly at times, only to excite my child who makes best of those opportunities to irritate me further more. But I realize I am learning, I am just human. This challenge is getting tougher day by day because I have it in my mind that I should create at least one new meal a day and to be honest with you people I also see if Sarah likes this meal before posting it here. There are days when she disapproves of something and I don’t post it here. There are times I have power, battery in camera and I end up not clicking pics and missing a new recipe. But despite odds I have survived these 15 days. I can’t wait to see the changes in Sarah as this challenge progresses, it is the closest to a journal I can have to track her changes as well. I am so grateful to all the support I have been receiving from you people, you have been supportive and generous in sharing your comments. I hope you will have the stamina to do this till the end of this challenge. I will post today’s recipe by evening but till then for those of you who have not gone through every recipe in this series, here’s the snapshot of last 15 days with the links to each recipe.

Day 1 Pumpkin Pancakes



Day 2 Banana Coins and Unnakaya



Day 3 Finger French Toast


Day 4 Scrambled Eggs with Edamame


Day 5 Sweet Corn Halwa


Day 6 Daliya Pulao


Day 7 Pumpkin Soup


Day 8 Kuzhipaniyaram


Day 9 Amaranth Chocolate Pudding


Day 10 Lobia Pulao


Day 11 Irish Soda


Day 12 Zucchini Chocolate Mini Bundts


Day 13 Gozleme


Day 14 Broccoli Chicken Soup


Day 15 Sweet Potato Custard


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