5 reasons why healthy food is important for students

A healthy and well balanced diet is essential for all human beings to stay fit and free from ailments. However, when it comes to students, healthy food becomes all the more important because of their pressure of studies and the necessity to keep their body and mind alert. Students are infamous for their poor eating habits a diet that is not good for their health. Here are 5 top reasons why healthy food is so important for students and their college writing.

1. Eating healthy food is a lesson for life

Kids are taught by their parents the importance of green vegetables and fresh fruits. They are forced to include them in their daily diet. However, most college students forget these lessons and start eating junk, fried, and processed food as it is tasty and easily available. It proves very difficult to break this bad habit even after college life. If a student can keep control over his diet and eat only healthy and natural food items, he will not only stay healthy and fit but also develop a good habit that stays with him for the rest of his life. It is a life lesson that proves invaluable for students.

2. Healthy foods are good for the performance of students

Studies have shown that students are better able to learn and focus upon their studies when they consume a healthy and well balanced diet. These students possess improved memory, better retention capacity, and a fast information processing ability. Students eating healthy food items are more agile and alert than students consuming fast food items. Healthy food items are full of protein, vitamins, and energy that fulfil the daily minimum requirements of their bodies. They also keep immunity levels of students high so that they are able to ward of common ailments.

3. Healthy food items keep students happy and energetic

There is a Buddhist saying that we become what we eat. What we eat has a significant impact not just on our bodies but also our brain. Parts of brain that regulate the feelings of the individual become activated when he consumes healthy food items. Students feel better when they eat nutritious and healthy food. Their blood sugar levels remain stable and their cholesterol levels remain low to help in the normal functioning of their heart and other body organs. Green vegetables and fruits are known for their ability to keep students happy and excited as they are not only rich in vitamins and minerals but also Omega 3 fatty acids.

4. Students do not become obese

Healthy food delivers optimal nutrition to the body of students. More than 50% of Americans suffer from obesity and it has been shown as a cause of many kinds of ailments. Healthy food including vegetables, fruits, salads, dairy products, and lean meat is able to keep the body weight of students under control. Students can not only remain lean and fit but also keep their blood pressure and cholesterol levels low by consuming healthy food. Obesity can also lead to Type-2 diabetes. This is the reason why students should avoid cols and replace them with water. They should cut down on consumption of chips, fried and processed food and consume more vegetables and fruits.

5. Healthy food increases life span

Fast food, fried food, junk food, and processed food items are bad for the health of students and increase risk of many kinds of ailments. They also lead to obesity that is linked with low life expectancy. Students should eat a healthy and balanced diet that is not only good for the health of their body and mind but also increases their life expectancy.