Happy Valentines Day- My pick for the day

I am yet to start my valentine cooking. This happens to be our second valentine together in the last 4 years. For two valentines I was in Chennai. We really don’t believe in celebrating this day but I look forward to occasions to cook something special. I have Mousakka and Portuguese caramel tarts in mind for dinner. Mousakka is quite tedious a dish to prepare and full of calories but then I don’t get to see my hubby at home on a weekday so that calls for a celebration. Today also marks the starting of my last trimester so this is my baby shower to me. Meanwhile for those of you who drop by to be inspired to make something special here’s my pick for the day.
1. Strawberry Panacotta
Hmmm panacotta requires four hours to cool but if you are home today that should not be a problem all you need is a box of strawberries, strawberry preserve/ jam, fresh cream and gelatin. if you can make it home by five you still can make this dessert and have it before midnight. Here’s the link if you plan to make this http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/strawberry-panacotta/
2. Basil Garlic Pull apart bread and Shakshouka
This will woo the vegetarians as well as the non vegetarians. If you have some flour, yeast, butter, tomato puree and eggs, You can bake these beauties and cook up your eggs in less than 2 hours. An ideal breakfast idea but not bad for lunch and dinner either. For reference- http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/basil-garlic-pull-apart-bread-shakshouka-on-fourth-wedding-anniversary/
3. Pepper Garlic Baked Chicken
If you love baking chicken this recipe should be handy tonight, it requires garlic powder an ingredient people often tell me is hard to find but a good amount of minced garlic added to the sauces should solve this problem, so go in for some baked chicken if chicken is your thing –http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/pepper-garlic-baked-chicken/
4. Mini bread pizza with tuna
Ok now if you fear baking and have no time you still can make these mini bread pizza. I used tuna, you could smear some pizza sauce and add mushrooms, olives and capsicums along with some mozarella and you can have your own little bread pizzas. http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/mini-bread-pizza-with-tuna/
5. Sausage stuffed Jalapenos
Awesome starters if you are planning finger foods. You get jalapenos at every mall these days but if you don’t find them you could do the same stuffing into baby capsicums. Try minced meat if you don’t like sausages.- http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/sausage-stuffed-jalapenos/
6. White chocolate mousse
I love chocolate mousse, they are a royal treat for royal occasions. You can try this recipe with dark chocolate too or even dark chocolate and white chocolate both together creating two layers.- http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/white-chocolate-mousse/
7. Lasagne with spinach and minced meat
A classic Italian dish with loads of cheese and love. It’s worth the effort and will make you love Italian cuisine all over. http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/lasagne-with-spinach-and-minced-meat/
8. Frittata with sausages , potatoes, tomatoes and capsicums
A one pot, easy to bake dish. Has a lot of eggs but indulgence once in a while is perfectly fine. Put our ramekins to bake and relax and you will have a wonder in 20 minutes- http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/frittata-with-sausages-tomatoes-potatoes-and-capsicum-a/
9. Chicken pot pie
For the daring bakers, this one pot dish will definitely woo your partner. The pie crust requires patience but the rest is not difficult. For vegetarians skip the minced meat add potatoes, mushroom and spinach- http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/chicken-pot-pie/
10. Eggless vanilla cupcakes with orange butter cream
An easy cupcake without eggs and butter but it’s still delicious. If you have heart shaped cup cake mould go ahead and bake these for your valentine. – http://123cooking123.com.temp.omnis.com/eggless-vanilla-cupcakes-with-orange-buttercream/
So let me know what you did for valentines :)

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