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· Parks and entertainment places for kids around Lima, Peru ·


Park of the Legends
One of the more important zoological of Lima is without doubts the Park of the Legends. With especimenes of the entire world, as well as species of the three natural regions of Peru.
Normal rate (Private Schools and Public in general from Monday to Friday):
Adult (of 12 to the 65 years) S/. 8.50
Children (of 03 to the 12 years) S/. 4.00
Normal Rate (Private Schools and Public in general of Saturday and Sunday):
Adult (of 12 to the 65years) S/. 9.00
Children (of 03 to the 12 years) S/. 4.00
Exonerations (From Monday to Saturday - done Not include holidays):
Adults over 65
Disabled in general
Free income: Children less than four (04)
Monday to Sunday and holidays of 9:00 to 17:30 hours
Offer services of:
Guided visit recreational-cultural Areas
Museum Ernst Middendorf
Museum of the Petroleo
The Model Mine

Daytona Park
Play for the hole family
Location: El Derby avenue s/n Puerta 4, (Hipˇdromo de Monterrico), Lima, 33
Telephone: +51 1 435 6058
Fax: +51 1 435 6157
Hourly: 12-23 h Mon - Thu; 10-24 h Sat; 10-23 h Sun

National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History
Being the oldest state museum of the country, the National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Peru, being constituted in the headquarters of the National System of Museums of the State. Situating its importance in the vast and various cultural patrimony that harbor its rooms of exposition and deposits.
In exposition you can found ceramic, textiles, metals, organic material and lÝticos related to human remainders conserved of invaluable characteristics with techniques that still surpriseing the experts, they conform the bequest of the pre-hispanic past of Peru. With landmark valuables and bibliographical, photographic, and documentary funds realizes the republican and colonial periods. All they do of this space a place of encounter with the national history.
Its historic architecture is constituted in the ideal place where the visitor, without importing its age or origin, can discover, to revive and to question the experiences of the ancestors of these lands.
From Tuesday to Sunday of 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
National and foreign tourists: S/ 10
University Students: S/ 3
Children and School: S/ 1
Location: Plaza BolÝvar s/n Pueblo Libre
Telephone: 4 63 50 70
Fax: 4 63 20 09

La Tarumba
More than 15 years are those the organization had dedicated to the theater, the circus and the music. The brilliant circus works are given, represented in the featuring juggling, the acrobatics and more.
As the soul does not age, the show this directed to all type of publish, but the children found in the a special enjoyment.
Address: Leoncio Grassland 225, Lima, Per˙
Telephone: +51 1 4459195

Huachipa Zoo
To alone an hour of the Limean center, is an oasis amid the desert of the capital: immense green areas, sun and celestial sky, animals and plants of almost all the species cohabiting in harmony in a natural paradise; one cannot be speaking of another place that is not of the Huachipa Ecological and Recreacional Center, an forget the modernity for the nature.
Address: Av. The Towers s/n, Tie-Vitarte
Telephone: 356-0464

Park of the Legends
Daytona Park
La Tarumba
Huachipa Park Zoo
Park of the walls
Por :Eduardo A. Rojas T.
Park of the walls
Por :Eduardo A. Rojas T.
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