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· Tourism and Adventure in Puerto Maldonado, capital of the department Madre de Dios ·

Puerto Maldonado - Madre de Dios

Maldonado Port is capital of Madre de Dios department, is one of the most important cities of southeast jungle in Peru, located in the middle of Tambopata and Madre de Dios rivers. The airport is thirty minutes away from the city.
It is an exceptional place, land with enormous trees, plentiful rivers, landscapes full of natural life as great quantity of animals, insects making it similar to a paradise.
The climate is humid, tropical and the raining season is from November to March. Given the characteristics, Puerto Maldonado is a centre of national and international interest by its ecological diversity.
The best way for arriving Puerto Maldonado is by plane from Cusco, in the city is easier to go deep jungle; people can contact a tourist guide who takes visitors to the most beautiful places and know natives.


San Juan Festivity (June)

The San Juan Bautista festivity is in the jungle of symbolic character because of the important of the water as the vital element in the Amazon area, during the festivity many, parties, typical bands and delicious dishes tasting takes place.

Madre de Dios Aniversary (December 25)

The celebrations start with serenades, dances, etc. The central celebration day takes place parades, sport championships, handicraft fairs etc. The season is perfect to enjoy the local gastronomy and make excursions by the principal touristy circuits of the area.

July 12

Puerto Maldonado Aniversary. City fundation festivity. It includes parades, and social and cultural events.

Touristy attractions

Reserve of Manú Biosphere

It was declared as biosphere reserve on March 1973. It is located in the middle of Amazon jungle and is the biggest natural area of Peru.
In the zone there are plentiful landscapes for ecotourism; beautiful lakes as Valencia, Copa, Manú, Sandoval, Tambopata, Madre de Dios, Manipure and others ones. Its ecological richness is very important since has 15.000 kinds of plants such as enormous trees, grasslands, and ferns. The fauna is varied.
Tambopata Reserve

 It is located at the intersection of La Torre and Tampopata rivers; the area has 109 hectares of unexplored jungles. It is a protection area of fauna and flora; constitute one of the richest ecosystems in the world. It stands out by its birds since has 600 species approximately, a great amount of insects, the main attraction for visitors mainly for people who love ecotourism or explore jungle with researches purposes. Tambopata is the perfect place to take a rest and contemplate the beautiful dusks and go deep the most diverse jungle forests of the world, enjoying all views.

National Park Bahuaja -Sonene

It is located in Tambopata and Sandía provinces, was declared national park in 1996. It is one of the most beautiful places by its landscapes covered by flora as trees, different kind of plants. There are a lot of fauna outstanding wild fauna in danger as an enormous otter, wild dog, black alligator and harpía eagle.

Lago Sandoval

It is located 19 Km. from Puerto Maldonado in Tambopata, national reserve. It is a beautiful place for taking a rest where there are calm waters. Surroundings its landscapes are wonderful. Many species live there as toucans, macaws, parrots and herons. It is the suitable place for safaris photographers

Tourist Information

Industry and Tourism Regional Direction
Av. Fitzcarrald 411, Madre de Dios.
Phone: (084) 57-1164.

PhoneTel/fax: (084) 57-1413

Tourist Information Service
Phone/fax: (511) 224-9355.
Phone: (511) 574-8000.

PromPerú / Indecopi
Tourist Protection Service
Phone/fax: (511) 574-8000
Phone: 0-800-42579

Puerto Maldonado
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