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Money exchange directory in Peru
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Arequipa - Peru
It is a guarantee company that makes national and foreign money exchange as dollars, euros, pesos, soles, sterling pounds, checks, drafts and money transfers.
Address: Ejército Avenue 807 Telephone: (54) 25-5032
Lima - Peru
Cambio al Día
It makes foreign Money buying and sale, euros, pound sterling, travellers, and more.
Address: Chinchón 944 office:114 -116 Teléfono: 442-3911
Lima - Peru
Cambio Satélite
It is located in Santa Anita bank. It offers guarantee, local and foreign exchange.
Address: Carretera Central Avenue 193 agency C Telephone: 1-362-5123
Lima - Peru
Cambios Real
It makes dollar exchanges, euros, checks, drafts, and all foreign money.
Address: Real Road level B San Isidro Telephone: (1)422-3830
Piura - Peru
Delfino Money Exchange
It offers security and guarantee, companies' attention, dollar, euros, other money exchanges.
Address: Jr. Ica 460 Piura Telephone: (73) 32-8398
Lima - Peru
It offers inmediate attention, guarantee in money exchange, transfers, drafts, travellers, etc.
Address: Antunez De Mayolo 804 Telephone: (51)(1)5211585
Lima - Peru
Francis Mark Lenan
It makes money exchange, buying and sale of euros, dollars, pesos, soles, sterling pounds and the rest of foreign money.
Address: Jr. Ocoña 176 Telephone: (1) 428 6421
Lima - Peru
Inversiones Janapa
Money exchange, it makes dollars and euros exchange and companies attention.
Address: Jr. Ica 460 Telephone:
Cusco - Peru
Lac Dolár S.A.C.
It offers guarantee in Money exchange, dollars, euros, Chilean pesos, Argentinean pesos, checks and more.
Address: El Sol Avenue No. 150
Lima - Peru
Mac Dólar
It is a Money exchange. It makes dollar exchange, euros, and loans.
Address: Jr. Ocoña 170 Telephone: 1-427-8225
Lima - Peru
Money Exchange Pablito
Money exchange Pablito makes exchanges of dollars, euros, Argentinean pesos, Chilean pesos, sterling pounds, etc.
Address: Jr.Ocona 146 Telephone: (51)(1)4278525
Lima - Peru
Money Exchange Tio Rico
It is located in the centre of the town; its characteristic is guarantee in national and foreign money exchange.
Address: Tupac Amaru Avenue 1089 Telephone: (51)(1)5360119
Lima - Peru
San Diego
San Diego money exchange makes transfers, gold sale, silver, phone cards.
Address: Jr Raymondi 444 Telephone: (61) 59-1638
Lima - Peru
Universal Money
It makes buying and sale of foreign money as dollars, euros, pesos, pound sterling, etc.
Address: Aviación Avenue 2855 San Borja Telephone: 226-2084
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